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Travel Age West - México: Mazatlán Day Trips
Tyler Morning Telegraph - Jewel by the Sea
Talk Travel - What makes Mazatlán Unique?
LA OFERTA - Mazatlán and México reconized as "The Best Cultural Entry"
USA TODAY - Delta to open Mazatlán route out of Los Angeles
World Golf - Mazatlán Mexico to host tournament on PGA Tour Latinoamerica 2014
USA TODAY - Carnival to resume year-round Mexican Riviera trips
AMPI Summit - Global Takeaways, Impact to Nar Member
Mazatlán: The planes and Ships are back -- all full of Tourists
Winnipeg Free Press - There's more to Mazatlán
Alaska Airlines Magazine - Memorable Mazatlán
Travel Age West - México: Meetings and Conventions | Mazatlán
Examiner.com - Mazatlán's Crown Jewel: The Plazuela Machado
L.A. Times - Mexico: Three cruise lines returning to Mazatlán
L.A. Times - Mexico: Tourism picture is brightening for Mazatlán
Savvy Stews - aMAZing Mazatlán
Carnival Triumph to Re-Enter Service on June 13
The Globe and Mail - Ignore the headlines: Here's why you should vacation in Mexico
México moves to ease restrictions on foreigners buying coastal property
Mazatlán comes out despite crisis in the cruise industry
Mazatlán located within the Top ten American cities of the future
Cruise Industry News - Mazatlán: Ready For Cruise Ships to Return
Hotels in Mazatlán
Latest travel developments and new attractions in México
Escala Magazine (Aeromexico) -- Shrimp from the Mexican Pacific
Canada World Traveller -- Mazatlán Mexico, Full of Splendor and Surprises
Carnaval Mazatlán Draws More than 200,000 Visitors
Mazatlán's Carnival Festival, Fun and Safe
WestJet Promotes Mazatlán with Increased Demand
5 Quirky Things to Do in Mazatlán, México
An interview: Simon says Mazatlán is My City
Carnival Corp. Interested in New Cruise Tourism Initiative in México
Mariscos La Puntilla - Mazatlán
The Vancouver Sun - Look Beyond the Beach to Find the Real México
Cruise Industry News - Mazatlán: Implementing Industry Requirements
Travel Agent Central - Mazatlán Tours U.S. to Increase Air Connectivity to the Destination
Travel Agent Central - On site: Mazatlán to Invest $11 Millions in Tourism Promotion in 2012 
Restaurante "El Mesón de los Laureanos" - El Quelite 
Stay Adventurous - The Five Photos of Mazatlán 
Things You Should Know About México's Beatiful City of Mazatlán 
Matt Gibson - Three Outdoors Adventures in Mazatlán, México
Lance Armstrong Leads the Durango-Mazatlán Vagabond Tour
The New York Times - Pacifico Beer
On Conchas Negras and Street Food in Mazatlán, México
Mazatlán - Taste & Travel
Mazatlán Tourism Muscles Into the Future
What to Eat in Mazatlán
Colorful Street Art From my Recent Travels
Huana Coa Zipline Canopy Tour with Go Mazatl an Now
Mazatlán, México: Pearl of the Pacific
Top 5 Reasons to Visit Mazatlan
Mazatlán Welcomes 600 Passengers Aboard Oceania Cruises "Regatta"
Mazatlán: 6,500 Expats Can’t be Wrong…
Mazatlan to Continue Marketing Push in U.S. and Canada
Q&A; With the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Sinaloa
A Pulsating City for Genuine Traveling
Mazatlan Announces Increased Visitor Number
Dial M for Mazatlan: The Magic of México
Mazatlán, México: More than the Beach
Off the Beaten Track with Sunwing
Forbes Magazine - Three Hot Carnival Celebrations to Hit in February
Get Hooked on Mazatlán Cuisine
Mazatlán Reports Investment and Bookings for 2012
Mazatlán Offers Top-Rated Attraction in México
Metrotravel—A taste of Real México-Beyond the Beached and Resorts of Mazatlán, Lies a World of Natural Beauty and Quaint Towns
Trio of brothers start New Year pedaling through Mexico
Mazatlán, México: Just the Facts
LAX Magazine—Mazatlán: La Perla del Pacífico
Al aska airlines Magazine—Mazatlán Adventures
Mazatlan Golf Scene Keeps it Real
Mexican Distillery Visit Busts Mucho Misconceptions
Mazatlan is a Great Place to Visit by Land or Sea
Mazatlán News Fall-Winter 2011
The Scriptorium Daily-México: The Place You Thought You Knew
New and Noteworthy in Mazatlán–offers special events for the fall and winter months
Retirement Lifestyles and Living Standards in Mexico
Mazatlán Yesterday and Today

Mazatlán Named Host of Mexico’s 2011 World Tourism Day Celebrations
On The Road: A Tweet-Up in Mazatlán

Mazatlán, "Pearl of the Pacific", Part of Sinaloa... State of Mind
Expats Organize First Annual Mazatlán Summer Festival
EL Cid Real Estate Sponsors Tennis Alberta Senior Tour
American Airlines: Mexico safe, for flying anyway
10 Reasons to Go to Mazatlán, México
Mazatlán Welcomes New AA Service With Visitors Events
There is No End to the Things You Can Do and Experience in Mazatlán
CNN Travel: Why You Should Go To México
When the sun sets here, it rises in Japan
El Cid Announces Its Newest Residential Development -- Costa de Andalucia
México's Best Kept Secrets
Mazatlán México Real Estate Business About to Explode
Silks for silver Tales of the Manila Galleons
Mazatlán's Many Attributes Include the Longest Stretch of Beach & Affordable Retirement Housing
Magical Mazatlán Moments
Thousands of Tourists Drawn to Mazatlán 2011 Carnival
Mazatlán: México's Golden Oldie
Beat the Winter Blues with an Escape to Mazatlán, México
Denver Getaway: Flavors of Mazatlán, México
Mazatlán's Restaurants According to Stay Adventurous
Mazatlán Through Athletic Eyes
Pinching Pesos in Mazatlán
48 Hours in Mazatlán - By Allison MacDonald
Blog on Mazatlán: Crescent Beaches & Rocky Shores
Mazatlán: México's Hidden Gem
Mazatlán: One of the Preferred Beaches by Mexicans
Mazatlán Mexico: Fishing is Not the Only Thing to Enjoy!
Sr. Frogs - Fun for All Ages
Concordia and Copala: A Visit from Mazatlán
Is it Safe to Travel to México? Judging from the Numbers, Many Are Saying ‘Yes’
Mazatlán –México’s Most Affordable Beach Town
México– Third Best Climate in the World
México– One of the Perfect Places to Live Overseas
México– One of the Best Retirement Destinations
Mazatlán and Its Surrounding Areas
Old is New Again in Mazatlán
Sandy Beaches Trump Threats of Violence
One Journalist’s View, by Linda Ellerbee
Mazatlán offers two vacations in one - sun and culture on a budget
Randy Sharman visits Mazatlán and is stunned with what he finds!
Mazatlán, a great choice for MICE events of any size
Third International Independent Film Festival
Mazatlán, Best Family Beach Destination in Mexico
10 reasons to visit the "Pearl of the Pacific", Mazatlán
USA Today Traveler Tips For México
Retiring in México
Mazatlán News 2010
Taste of Europe in México
Travel Sellers Report - A Return to Mazatlán
Much to enjoy in México's Mazatlán
New York Times Mazatlán
Outside Mazatlán, authenticity awaits in El Quelite, Cosala
Travel | In Mazatlán, visitors can get beyond tourist traps | Seattle Times Newspaper
Mexico Travel & Life Mazatlán
Travel + Leisure Mazatlán
Travel Age West- Mazatlán
Travel Weekly - Mazatlán
Vancouver Sun - Mazatlán


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