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Don't just take our word about the allure and beauty of this region. Read what residents have to say about El Cid real estate. See how they've fallen in love with Mazatlán living.


Joyce GonzálezJoyce González

"My husband and I are so happy to live in El Cid’s residential community and have felt a true sense of community for over ten years.  My neighbors are a lovely mix of nationals and internationals.   We live together in harmony as a family and celebrate birthdays, holidays and regular impromptu potlucks surrounded by gorgeous gardens – it is a secret paradise here. 

My children visited over the holidays and they thoroughly enjoyed the Friday Art Walks through the Central Historic District along with all the celebratory festivities taking place.  Mazatlán, is a truly magical place." Joyce González, México


Margaret BohneMargaret Bohne

"For 15 years, my husband I have come down to Mazatlán regularly throughout the winter months, as owners in El Cid’s community. We originally came to México in search of sunshine and while we have travelled throughout the country we have come to love Mazatlán – nothing else compares. It has beautiful beaches, affordable living, and the best climate! When we first moved here we didn’t realize what a bonus the warm and friendly people would be. We celebrate Christmas dinners and birthdays together, we enjoy our daily walks through the golf course, we all enjoy Happy Hour around the pool every day at 4 pm – what can be better than that? And we have regular visitors who have come to appreciate this city as much as we do." Margaret Bohne, Prince George, BC

"My husband and I have two children and we live in the El Cid. I find it a very secure and very good neighborhood to raise children. My kids are golfers, and we live right on the golf course, so we are very fortunate that we can walk out and play golf any time."
Judy Sanchez, Canada

"I would recommend El Cid to anyone looking for a place, not only for older people that are retired but younger people, too. Because I think they can find plenty of interesting things to do here. They can fish, they can play golf, and they can play tennis, to name a few."
Boris Makowecki, Edmonton, AB

"We bought a lot and then a year or two later we built a house. All this time my wife has called this a paradise and she wouldn't leave it. When we went up to the States for a couple of weeks she said, “I'd like to get back to Mazatlán, because that is by far my favorite place. It’s where I really want to be.”

"We have extremely good security here in El Cid, with about 45 people under the security group. They take very good care in making us feel safe. We haven’t had any robberies or problems that subdivisions without security normally have."
William Smith, California

"I looked in many places and chose El Cid. I like the atmosphere here. It is a blend of Mexicans, Canadians, and Americans, so it’s a wonderful place to live. You have the Angela Peralta Theater, which is a classic historical opera house, we have wonderful art here, the beautiful historical center, and first class restaurants."
Jim Story, Las Vegas, NV

"We bought a lot, worked with an excellent architect here, and had our house built. We had many lots to choose from. We weren’t looking for houses to buy, we were looking at lots so we could build our dream home."

"El Cid was an area where we could purchase property and actually live with people who were natives -- as supposed to being in an entirely gringo community that was isolated. Mazatlán has relevant stable economy and, most importantly, the inhabitants of Mazatlán are extraordinarily friendly and receptive to our being here. We felt wanted from the beginning."
John Brown, Miami, FL

"Mazatlán is a beautiful port city. There are also many cultural events and a lot of things to do. There are many areas outside the city that are very beautiful to see, and a lot of activities on the ocean as well as on land, where there several colonial cities to visit."

"What I particularly like in El Cid is the wildlife. The birds are fantastic, the iguanas, and the turtles that live in the ponds. We have raccoons and other different animals to watch, so you don't have to go very far to keep yourself entertained. And the golf course has a lot of green areas and open space for walking. I'm also a tennis player, and there is a lot of tennis here. We have tennis groups going on all year: Mexican, Canadian, and American."
Carol Sinclair, Vancouver, BC

"We are only about three blocks from the beach and about a half block from the marina, which makes it really great for anything we want to do."
Cheryl Makowecki, Edmonton, AB

"The El Cid Marina Hotel is what attracted us to the El Cid Community. On one of our visits, we stayed in the hotel, and we appreciated the architecture, the services that were offered, and the quality of that experience."
Kimberly Brown, Seattle, WA

Whether you’re single, raising a family, or in your golden years, El Cid Real Estate will help you find the vacation property of your dreams. With more than 30 years of real estate experience, El Cid specializes in creating fantastic Mazatlán living. For more information, contact us today.


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